• 25537th March 2019Do You Need A Fitbit?Do You Need A Fitbit? Do You Need an Activity Tracker? Activity trackers have become very popular in recent years. Fitbits are the device that everyone has heard of but there are many others. If you’re thinking of buying one, ask yourself these questions: Do you exerc... Read More
  • 129017th November 2017Be Careful With New TechnologyBe Careful With New Technology Last week’s IT news seemed to be dominated by the unintended consequences of having advanced technology. First up was Matthew Channon, lecturer at Exeter University and Specialist in how the law applies to autonomous vehicles. He submitted ev... Read More
  • 150620th January 2017Questions Raised By New ComputerQuestions Raised By New Computer The innovation generation the most buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was an ultra-slim pocket-sized computer. It may have enormous potential, but also raises big questions. The Compute Card has a processor, memory, ... Read More
  • 17999th December 2016Classic Camera Is Fast Developing A Niche FanbaseClassic Camera Is Fast Developing A Niche Fanbase We all thought Polaroid had beaten 35mm film, audio cassettes and VHS tapes to the graveyard of the past technical triumphs, but it has breathed new life. Not only is an instant printing Polaroid camera being tipped as a nich... Read More
  • 227211th November 2016Success Making WhatsApp Target For Scam OffersSuccess Making WhatsApp Target For Scam Offers A barrage of hooky offers, purporting to come from leading shops and supermarkets have shown that WhatsApp, the increasingly popular social media app, is rapidly becoming one of the more fiery battlegrounds in the war with hacke... Read More
  • 17057th November 2016Do You Still Use Windows Vista?Do you still use Windows Vista? Some of you may remember that in my May article I warned you that the time is approaching for Microsoft to end its support for Windows Vista – the official end of support is 11th April 2017. So what does this mean for you if you still use Wi... Read More
  • 170921st October 2016Train Ticket Site On Wrong TrackTrain Ticket Site On Wrong Track  I have been endeavouring to use online facilities to sort out planned train journeys in the past couple of weeks, and have been rather underwhelmed. The most pressing issue is that for a journey I wanted to make, between Solihull and the No... Read More
  • 214810th September 2015Wileyfox Could Be A Name To Watch..Wileyfox Could Be A Name To Watch.. Although not yet released, a new brand of smartphone, targeted at the entry level, is causing a bit of a buzz. It will be of particular interest to those concerned about their privacy. This is the Wileyfox Swift, a new 4G model which boast... Read More
  • 173310th September 2015Get The Message With 3 New AppsGet The Message With 3 New Apps As if there were not enough messaging Apps for keeping in touch with others, three brand new ones have been making a splash this month. First up is Begroupd, apparently conceived by reality telly’s Khloe Kardashian. This one not only allows ... Read More
  • 192110th September 2015App Can Help Sightseers Be City SlickersApp Can Help Sightseers Be City Slickers It is that time of year eager travellers turn from summer sunshine holidays to planning autumn city breaks, and there is an App that has a growing reputation for helping the sightseer get around some of the most popular destinations t... Read More

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