Healthy PC Scheme

Healthy PC Scheme

The PC PAL Healthy PC Scheme gives you the peace of mind of knowing your PC is taken care of when you don't have the time, the know-how or both! It also enables you to save money on our hourly rates! Read on to find out how!

If you have a correctly configured system, that is kept up-to-date and runs new generation anti-virus software together with a working Firewall, and you have applied the critical updates specific to your system - then you will be safe as you can be from common threats.

However, for many busy people or those who, like many, simply forget to perform regular housekeeping tasks on their PC, this often gets overlooked, putting everything at risk. PC PAL offers you a comprehensive solution to these common problems. Preventative maintenance!

Yes, it may sound boring and very sensible, but it is most definitely better than resorting to fire-fighting when something goes wrong, which can take significant time and extra expense. The scheme consists of 2 elements: The Annual MOT and Regular Servicing.

The Annual MOT
This element, carried out once a year, will equip your PC with everything it needs to stay healthy, and to prepare it for regular servicing. We will need to carry out an MOT to establish your machine set-up and ensure it has all the necessary protection. Your engineer will then issue your PC with an 'MOT Certificate' which gives details of your individual PC hardware and software set-up and specifications, including expiration dates of key licences.

Regular Servicing
Once your PC has been issued with an MOT we recommend that a regular service is carried out every 3 months. This will ensure the continued function of your protection software and will also carry out other housekeeping checks to maintain the efficiency of your machine.

We charge our usual hourly rate for this service, however, we offer a discount on our rates if you block book for 12 months in advance! Not only does this offer excellent value but ensures you have all your services booked in so they don't get forgotten! See your local engineer's price page for more details. All work is carried out at a time to suit you

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