PC Medic

PC Medic

Many people have heard of the term 'PC Medic' but are unsure what it means. PC Medic is essentially a generic term for IT Support engineers. There are many companies trading around under the name PC Medic which makes it appear that they are members of a nationwide PC Medic company, but in fact they working independently.

However PC PAL are a national computer support team, owned and operated by dedicated and professional franchisees, all focussed on providing excellent customer service. The PC PAL Engineers are able to utilise the experience and know-how of dozens of PC PAL engineers and provide you with a rapid and professional service, direct to your home or office.

PC PAL's strong branding and eye catching logos stand out from the crowd and our engineers are qualified and experienced. So whilst there are many PC Doctors, there is only one PC PAL - The Computer Support and Laptop Repair Specialists.


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