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BullGuard Anti-Virus Software


Powered by BullGuard, our Anti-virus and Internet Security Suite offers better security online without slowing down your computer It takes just minutes to set up and is so easy to use. Our recommended security solution provides the following great benefits:



Protects your computer against all types of malicious software.
Real-time protection against viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits and zero-day attacks. Automatically updated protection.
Firewall protects your computer against hackers
Keep your private data to yourself, thanks to the cutting-edge personal firewall that stops hackers from breaking into your computer.

Safe surfing for you and your children
The Browsing Protection feature tells you which websites are safe to enter and which you should avoid. Harmful sites are blocked automatically to ensure safe surfing.
Helps you stay free from spam e-mail and phishing attempts
Automatically detects and filters spam and e-mail schemes designed to steal your
private information.

Detects and removes spyware from your computer
Internet Security software removes secretly installed software from your computer ensuring that your system is running smoothly and clean of spyware.
PC PAL Anti-virus and Internet Security Suite is solid.
Our trusted services are powered by a leading internet security provider which also provides peace of mind for millions of consumers and business internet users worldwide.

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