Your PC PAL Engineers always aim to leave you fully satisfied with the service provided to you and we understand that on some rare occasions, glitches and bugs can seem to appear or re-appear sooner than you and us expect.

For your reassurance, your PC PAL Engineers guarantee that should the PC or Laptop re-occur with the exact same fault as reported & diagnosed by your PC PAL Engineer within 30 calendar days of us first visiting you, we will attempt to repair the unit at no additional (excluding the cost replacement parts or software required to effect the repair).

Please note that your guarantee is subject to the following:

  • This guarantee is applicable to software or hardware issues on a PC or Laptop visited by a PC PAL Engineer only
  • We will provide support to you on only one occasion and at our discretion (either via telephone, remote control, on site or collect & return)
  • We reserve the right to only deal with the person who booked the original appointment
  • For the safety of our engineers, we reserve the right to refuse further support due to unreasonable, inappropriate or threatening language or conduct
  • Microsoft Windows Updates or OSX updates related issues are excluded
  • If you have installed or removed any software, visited virus infected websites or we feel you have failed to reasonably act upon the advice given by your PC PAL engineer at the time of the first visit, we reserve the right to charge for addition support time (as per our current pricing structure).


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