Free Self Help Guides

Free Self Help Guides

We know how frustrating it is when you get computer problems, so we’ve put together some free self help guides which might help you get back up and running quickly. Don’t worry if it all sounds like 'techno babble' to you as you can simply give us a call and our team of qualified and experienced engineers can visit you and clear any problem in next to no time!!

Email Problems

I suddenly can't send and receive emails.

Internet Problems

 Help me get back on-line and surfing again.

Wireless Problems

My Laptop can't get on the Internet and I need to order something!

Windows won't Start up

I can't boot up into Windows and music and pictures are stuck in there!

Viruses & Malware

 I think I've been infected by a pesky virus and have these annoying pop-ups!

Slow Computer Issues

 Help! My computer is running slow and it's driving me mad.

Our Home Services

Your PC PAL Engineers are standing by to come to your home and resolve whatever issue is giving you a headache. We can help with: Computer problems, Laptop repairs, Virus removal, printing issues, internet connections issues and email errors.

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