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  • 18511st September 2014Do You Really Want To Unsubscribe?Do You Really Want To Unsubscribe? Asks Peter Clarke of PC PAL I regularly monitor websites that advise on avoiding fraud when it comes to your interactions with the internet and recently I came across an article from Action Fraud that mirrors some of the things my customers... Read More
  • 212929th August 2014Super Software Options For UniversitySuper Software Options For University Students who have secured university or college places for the coming academic year will now be planning ahead for the next exciting chapter of their education. There are some interesting software offers available to those enrolled in ac... Read More
  • 183715th August 2014Comic Classic Silly Walk App Is Full Monty..Comic Classic Silly Walk App Is Full Monty.. Apps seem to have led the IT news in the past week, with a couple of rather surprising success stories. Who would have expected an app based on a cult comedy turn, the best part of half a century old, to hit the big time? Yet, the... Read More
  • 211811th August 2014End Your Battery Panic By PrintingEnd Your Battery Panic By Printing A new innovation from Japan that might just catch on is the portable Rolto printer. It was launched there last week. Its sole purpose is to do screen prints from iPhones. We carry, look up, send and receive a lot if information on our phone... Read More
  • 21456th August 2014Turning Your Car Into A Wi-Fi HotspotTurning Your Car Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot Here is a new product that might take off. This is the Buzzard, from mobile Operator EE. It turns your car into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The idea is to provide connectivity for all passengers at once, especially the kids in the back, on a... Read More
  • 1612118th July 2014The Best Car Technology On The Market: A Beginner’s GuideThe Best Car Technology on the Market: A Beginner’s Guide Cars have come a long way over the past five years. Thanks to technology, drivers can benefit from all kinds of wonderful features. Each year, car manufacturers are developing new technologies that are helping to ch... Read More
  • 19094th July 2014DuckDuckGo Asks Searching QuestionDuckDuckGo Asks Searching Question GOOGLE has been taking a pasting recently about privacy. There are concerns it is tracking our search interests and using the information to support revenue-earning advert placement, deducing our preferences for clothing, holiday destinatio... Read More
  • 21433rd July 2014PM Gets The Message On 4G ServicePM Gets The Message On 4G Service AS THE holiday season gathers pace, David Cameron put the spotlight onto mobile phone coverage in the UK’s vacation hotspots and other remote areas. He revealed that he returned to London early from Cornwall in two of the last three years ... Read More
  • 16741st July 2014Are You Really Logging In To A Government Website?Are You Really Logging In To A Government Website? asks Peter Clarke of PC PAL In the last month 5 people have been arrested as part of a crackdown on imposter websites that make themselves look like official government sites. They offer ‘services’ for huge fees that yo... Read More
  • 207823rd June 2014Blackphone May Attract InterestBlackphone May Attract Interest A NEW breed of phone is due to start shipping against its pre-orders at the end of this month. This is the Blackphone. The name suggests a deliberate attempt to strike a chord with those who were once in love with that other ebony branded han... Read More

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