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  • 166317th November 2014Marmite Product May Be One For XmasMarmite Product May Be One For Xmas With just five full shopping weeks left before Christmas, it is time to think about possible gifts for the gadget devotee. So, let’s consider the Autographer. An undoubted Marmite product, some will desperately want one, others will simp... Read More
  • 166712th November 2014Finding Hotspots With Heat Can Be A Big Problem..Finding Hotspots With Heat Can Be A Big Problem.. A Report just out says that there are 5.6 million public Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK, which is a remarkable one hotspot for every ten of us who are over the age of 14. The Self-styled World’s Largest Commercial Wi-Fi Network, ... Read More
  • 18166th November 2014Beware Trojans Bearing Malware!Beware Trojans Bearing Malware! With Christmas coming up and computer products high on the list of presents, it is perhaps worth remembering some of the problems now associated with the digital age. John Savage from PC Pal gives us the low down . . . Computer viruses and sca... Read More
  • 16405th November 2014A ‘Window Seat’ For All Thanks To TechnologyA ‘Window Seat’ For All Thanks To Technology One of the pleasures of air travel could be made in virtual in years ahead, as the industry seeks to develop windowless passenger planes. A window seat may not be everyone’s preference but it would be mine every time. Pickin... Read More
  • 177229th October 2014Nexus Is The Latest Addition To a Bewildering ListNexus Is The Latest Addition To a Bewildering List Google’s Nexus Player starts shipping on November 3, and brings with it another addition to the bewildering choice for the streaming films and television. This hockey-puck shaped set top box takes a step forward from Googl... Read More
  • 185923rd October 2014Solution To Signal Traffic Jam Will Be Needed In FutureSolution To Signal Traffic Jam Will Be Needed In Future The cobwebs were blown from the wallet last week, when a new router at home replaced its ageing predecessor. Incredibly, that router had been pressed into service almost a decade ago, when broadband first flowed chez no... Read More
  • 204313th October 2014Opening Window Of Opportunity…Opening Window Of Opportunity…   There was a positive reaction to Microsoft’s unveiling of its Windows 10 ‘Technical Preview.’ Groans of not another version were mixed with cheers of ‘Windows 8 cannot be superseded soon enough.’ But, more importantly, there ... Read More
  • 17406th October 2014Lettrs Offer The Personal TouchLettrs Offer The Personal Touch Are you one of those people who mourns the loss of more personal, intimate, handwritten style of communicating with close friends in the age of the emails and text messages? If so, then a free App that is gaining rapidly in popularity might be... Read More
  • 198530th September 2014Keep Hi-Tech Eye On Your PoochKeep Hi-Tech Eye On Your Pooch Attention all pet lovers, a couple of brand new products are offering a better class of IT solution for four-legged friends. Taking your pooch for some fun at a place where it can be safely let off the leash and allowed to roam free this weeken... Read More
  • 20595th September 2014Apple Shindig To Be TastyApple Shindig To Be Tasty Apple has organised shindig for next Tuesday at their Santa Clara Valley headquarters. Word on the street is that it will see the launch of iPhone 6. There are also wagers being laid that the much heralded iWatch might finally be launched as well. I... Read More

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