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  • 25547th March 2019Do You Need A Fitbit?Do You Need A Fitbit? Do You Need an Activity Tracker? Activity trackers have become very popular in recent years. Fitbits are the device that everyone has heard of but there are many others. If you’re thinking of buying one, ask yourself these questions: Do you exerc... Read More
  • 219614th December 2018Stocking Filler For Gadget Fiend Is A Very Smart IdeaStocking Filler For Gadget Fiend Is A Very Smart Idea  Anyone seeking a last-minute stocking filler for a gadget fiend ought to be looking at the Flic Smart Button. Well, okay, it might not fill a Christmas morning swag bag, after all it is only the diameter of a ten pence ... Read More
  • 19347th December 2018Artoo Mini-Robot Is A Star Christmas GiftArtoo Mini-Robot Is A Star Christmas Gift  Should you be looking for a Christmas gift for a Star Wars enthusiast of any age, you might look no further than the Sphero R2-D2 mini-robot. Standing just nine inches tall, but otherwise a perfect replica of Luke Skywalker’s muc... Read More
  • 278930th November 2018A Marmite Moment For Projection ClocksA Marmite Moment For Projection Clocks  The pre-Christmas online market seems awash with projection clocks, with a score of models elbowing for prominence in what could be a high-selling trend in affordable electronic gifts. As gizmos go, they suffer from the Marmite effect... Read More
  • 201323rd November 2018Plant This Idea For ChristmasPlant This Idea For Christmas  If you are seeking a relatively inexpensive gizmo as a Christmas gift for a green-fingered friend the Xiaomi Plant Monitor may be the thing you are looking for. This is a device that sits in the soil of a pot tracking the condition of the plan... Read More
  • 171016th November 2018Hogwarts Gizmo Could Be A Magic Present For XmasHogwarts Gizmo Could Be A Magic Present For Xmas  As Christmas shopping season gets into full swing, anyone with a generous amount to splash out on an educational gizmo for a youngster might find the Harry Potter Coding Kit of interest. Kano makes devices for learning about... Read More
  • 14349th November 2018Starship Fleet Is Leading The WayStarship Fleet Is Leading The Way  In the fast moving world of automation, the latest workers being replaced by robotics are Granville and his bike from Open All Hours and Postman Pat with his parcel van. In a sign of things to come, a Co-op shop in Milton Keynes has been u... Read More
  • 12977th November 2018New Airport Checks Are Set For Take-OffNew Airport Checks Are Set For Take-Off  Having passed through five European airports so far this year I can attest that it is getting harder. Not their fault, of course, but security threats and passenger growth combine to form longer than ever queues at every step from ca... Read More
  • 136426th October 2018Cars May Be Next To Gather Our DataCars May Be Next To Gather Our Data There are indications that our cars might, in time, become as nosey as our phones about what we get up to. Commentators on the Net are looking at the amount of data ‘connected cars’ are collecting and pondering where that might lead to... Read More
  • 165119th October 2018Latest Robots Are Great – But Leave Future UncertainLatest Robots Are Great – But Leave Future Uncertain Do you remember those days we laughed at clunky old robots trying to look and act like humans as they lurched and wobbled along? Those days are clearly long gone. If you saw last week’s video released by robotic design... Read More

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