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  • 256621st April 2015Car Firms Driving Ahead With IdeasCar Firms Driving Ahead With Ideas The automotive sector appears to be a thriving area for IT innovation at the moment. Whilst driverless cars may or may not be a success story for the future, other new developments are making their way into production vehicles now. One new ... Read More
  • 262515th April 2015An April Fool? No, ‘The Future Of Shopping’An April Fool? No, ‘The Future Of Shopping’ It Proved a good marketing wheeze by Amazon to launch a ridiculous sounding product at April Fools time. People noticed, questioning the announcement’s authenticity, until it was confirmed to be for real. This was the Statesi... Read More
  • 267715th April 2015Hotel Hack Shows You Must Be WaryHotel Hack Shows You Must Be Wary A potential new threat to computer security has just been headed off, for now. However, it gives a warning to be vigilant to anyone who uses their laptop on networks in hotels, conference centres and the like. A significant vulnerability was... Read More
  • 250615th April 2015Driverless Car Is Motoring Towards The MarketplaceDriverless Car Is Motoring Towards The Marketplace As you read this, the most ambitious ‘driverless car’ test run yet is in progress in America. The coast-to-coast trek started on Sunday at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The 3,500-mile trip ends at the New York... Read More
  • 243626th March 2015Biometric Scan Is Set To Replace PasswordsBiometric Scan Is Set To Replace Passwords The days of the password are numbered. For those who struggle to remember different passwords for different applications, or ignore advice and use the same password for everything, that probably cannot come too soon. The FIDO (Fast ... Read More
  • 267216th March 2015Big Tick For Apple? Time Will TellBig Tick For Apple? Time Will Tell On Monday, Apple finally unveiled its much heralded smartwatch. It goes on sale on April 24 and the prices of the various aluminium, steel and gold bodied models will range from £299 to £13,500. With a battery time of 18 hours, it is inte... Read More
  • 243010th March 2015Samsung Hopes New Phone Has Lots Of S6 AppealSamsung Hopes New Phone Has Lots Of S6 Appeal Samsung has been the most successful mobile phone company of this decade, clocking up more than a quarter of all worldwide sales and shifting twice as many phones as second-placed Apple. It was sales slide with the S5, though. So... Read More
  • 19775th March 2015Camera Drones Open New World For Aerial FilmingCamera Drones Open New World For Aerial Filming Despite having said here last week that flying drones over Solihull needs Air Traffic Control permission, the prospect of taking aerial photos or film in more remote, and scenic, countryside is still an attractive one. So, what... Read More
  • 241725th February 2015It’s Time To Drone On About No-Fly Zone In SolihullIt’s Time To Drone On About No-Fly Zone In Solihull Now that drones are taking off, controversy continues to lift off with them, and some folk are pondering measures to keep them at bay. The risks associated with drones were underlined a few weeks ago when a quadcopter bou... Read More
  • 221417th February 2015Turning Off Voice Recognition May Be Smart Move..Turning Off Voice Recognition May Be Smart Move.. They may be just over 30 years late, but have the ‘telescreens’ that spied on Winston Smith in George Orwell’s classic 1984 started arriving in our living rooms? Eagle-eyed Internet watchers have combed through a new pr... Read More

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