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  • 123812th October 2018New Smartphone Fight Over Camera PowerNew Smartphone Fight Over Camera Power A new battle is breaking out in the smartphone market as manufacturers strive to outdo each other with on board camera power. Whether this is what the consumer wants, though remains to be seen. No sooner had it become a thing, to pack t... Read More
  • 12445th October 2018New Maps Shows Google’s Heading In Right DirectionNew Maps Shows Google’s Heading In Right Direction  Google continues to enhance the capabilities of Google Maps for helping us to get around. A new version with two major enhancements was announced on Monday and is now being rolled out to users. The first is designed to h... Read More
  • 101621st September 2018Pie Is The Recipe For Mobile To Learn Our WaysPie Is The Recipe For Mobile To Learn Our Ways  There is a new version of Google’s smartphone software, Android, on the streets and it has Artificial Intelligence (AI) on board. Android Pie is shipping on Google’s own brand Pixel phones and available as an upgrade on so... Read More
  • 79814th September 2018Pen And Paper Is The Only Way To Vote At ElectionsPen And Paper Is The Only Way To Vote At Elections  It is unusual for me not to advocate for an IT solution that could save megabucks. In this case, though, I was unequivocally of the view that sticking with pen and paper was vital. I went online to affirm the electoral reg... Read More
  • 9167th September 2018Drones Helping To Save People’s LivesDrones Helping To Save People’s Lives We hear a lot about the use of drones for fun and photography, delivering small packages and being a nuisance but less about them helping save lives. Nevertheless, they have been deployed in that role for five years now. The first reco... Read More
  • 93431st August 2018Young Users May Not Save SnapchatYoung Users May Not Save Snapchat  What is the future for Snapchat? The youngest app in the social media circus is popular with young users, but mixed reports this month lead to some serious questions as it fights to assert itself amongst the old timers like Facebook and Tw... Read More
  • 113424th August 2018Not So Smart Advert For Mobile PhoneNot So Smart Advert For Mobile Phone Sometimes we cannot help chuckling at news of others’ misfortunes. That was certainly the case for me when Huawei was caught cheating in its advertising. In a recent advert for its recently released Nova 3 smartphone, a chap wants to ta... Read More
  • 92117th August 2018Saddle Up For New Bicycle NavigationSaddle Up For New Bicycle Navigation The market for smart bicycle navigation is hotting up, with newcomer Blubel tackling the more established Beeline and SmartHalo for dominance. For cyclists, neither the complexity of a sat nav screen on the handlebars or the voice of Goog... Read More
  • 82717th August 2018Testing Defences Is Getting My VoteTesting Defences Is Getting My Vote This weekend sees the annual convention of hackers in Las Vegas, a gathering of the finest experts at cracking open software code and taking control of our gizmos. You would think that advertising such a conference would be akin to sending... Read More
  • 78717th August 2018Blink An You’ve Missed New Translation ProductBlink An You’ve Missed New Translation Product  I know technology moves fast these days but have you ever heard of a product selling out within 16 days of its launch and not being produced again? That appears to be the fate of the Lingmo Translate One2One, which has been ... Read More

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