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  • 165227th July 2018Massive Fine For Google Doesn’t Make Any SenseMassive Fine For Google Doesn’t Make Any Sense I really do not understand the whopping £3.8 billion fine the European Commission has just slapped on Google, for anti-competitive behaviour. The Commission has determined that by requiring manufacturers of Android devices to... Read More
  • 98220th July 2018Motorists Facing A New Deterrent In Mobile Phone TrialMotorists Facing A New Deterrent In Mobile Phone Trial  New technology to catch errant mobile phone using drivers is now on trial in Norfolk. Road signs equipped with radio signal analysing gear have been designed to determine whether a mobile is on use in an approaching ca... Read More
  • 8186th July 2018Friendly Bot Now On StationFriendly Bot Now On Station  For decades, the best space travel tales have featured artificial intelligence with personality. In 1968, sci-fi enthusiasts everywhere were buzzing about HAL, the face recognising, chess playing, computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey. A decade late... Read More
  • 94829th June 2018App Red Hot On Helping You To Avoid The BurnApp Red Hot On Helping You To Avoid The Burn  June has been a far better than average month for summer weather and id saying farewell in a blaze of sunshine. Alongside, inevitably, come dire warnings about the effects of UV exposure from enjoying that, too rarely seen in th... Read More
  • 94322nd June 2018Now Scientists Can ‘See’ Through WallsNow Scientists Can ‘See’ Through Walls  Boffins at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have announced a remarkable new system that can “see” people moving the other side of solid brick walls. Called RF-Pose, it uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor wif... Read More
  • 99715th June 2018Cookie Consent Before Browsing Sparks A DebateCookie Consent Before Browsing Sparks A Debate  If, like me, you do a lot of web browsing and visit a large number of sites, you will probably have encountered a high level of ‘cookie consent’ pop-ups in the past month. This is, of course, a result of the GDPR legislati... Read More
  • 9888th June 2018Face-ing Up To Falling NumbersFace-ing Up To Falling Numbers Signs of decline in Facebook use are coming thick and fast. A recent report from Edison Research into social media usage showed that the number of Facebook users in the USA had fallen back to 2015 levels. This was the latest issue of an annual ... Read More
  • 8685th June 2018Battle Royole Set To Decide Where We Get Cinema ExperienceBattle Royole Set To Decide Where We Get Cinema Experience  Change is afoot, but which direction is cinema going in? Will new super-comfortable multiplexes win out or personal film theatres for us to wear on our heads? The plush new Everyman cinemas in The Mailbox and at Be... Read More
  • 88730th May 2018Uber Customers Get Set For Wheely Good ChoiceUber Customers Get Set For Wheely Good Choice  The smartphone driven, gig economy giant of the urban roads, Uber, is diversifying on two wheels. Just last month, it bought about 15,000 electric bikes. It freewheeled into this new market by snapping up the bike sharing start... Read More
  • 103118th May 2018Healthier Gizmo Deployment May Spark ObsessionHealthier Gizmo Deployment May Spark Obsession  A sudden interest in our health and wellbeing emerged as a key theme of last week’s Google developer conference and caused a mixed reaction. The annual bash for partner organisation boffins was used to announce a new Google ... Read More

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