Email Problems

Suddenly cannot send or receive emails

Being unable to send email is one of the most common issues and can occur without warning. Doing a little detective work can save you a lot of extra hassle. If you’re having trouble sending email from clients like Outlook, Mac Mail and other POP3/IMAP software, please check the following issues:

1). Restart your Computer
Often, simply restarting the computer and waiting 5 minutes can overcome the issues. Check you are connected to internet and that you are able to visit web pages, as this means you have a good connection to the internet.

2). Correct Passwords
Verify that all password information is correct. We get many requests that simply turn out to be a password error. When cutting and pasting be sure to watch out for extra spaces.

3). Mail Server (SMTP) is Offline
Your computer could be running and serving both POP3/IMAP but not providing SMTP service. On many systems, the program responsible for POP3/IMAP is not the same as the one for SMTP. As a result, you may be able to check mail but not send. Try restarting your computer or email service from your control panel.

4). ISP Blocks
Many of the major ISP’s block port 25 in an attempt to control spam. If your ISP blocks port 25, then you will be unable to send email out of your computer . This is not a computer problem but a direct block by your ISP. We can often work around these blocks by configuring your mail computer to listen to additional ports.

5). SMTP Authentication
Sometimes, the mail server at the ISP can have a fault and will not be function properly. Call your ISP and check everything is working fine on their systems.

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