Online Family Safety

Need assistance with protecting your children online?

Windows Live Family Safety which is part of Windows Live and is a free download for Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7, has various controls to enable or disable access to programs and websites, easily monitor and either allow or disable access to websites when the user requests access.

K9 is free software available for Mac OS, Windows and iPod/iPhone/iPad that lets you filter internet content and set time limits on web use.

Internet Explorer has Content Adviser built –in and is available in Windows XP, but does need to be managed directly on the PC/Laptop.

CEOP has a website with helpful advice and a customised version of Internet Explorer 8 to help protect children while online.

Also the BBC has a website on online safety

There are other ways to filter web content, by using an internet service and adding there settings into your router, then no matter what device connects to your router they would be protected.

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