Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Your worst nightmare comes true! Your computer just won’t power up and you have lost all of your precious data...

In many cases the home computer contains an array of important and sentimental data from small business accounts to the entire family photo album. Don’t worry as in the majority of cases the data can be retrieved, even if your computer is dead and gone!

If you've lost your data from either damaged, failed, corrupted files or if you've simply deleted the precious memories by mistake, we are able to offer a data recovery service to our customers.

After an experience like this most people then wish to implement a regular back-up routine. We can set this up for you and make sure you know exactly how to go about it! Of course we would advise having a routine in place before a disaster occurs! If you need advice on this please get in touch!


Scenario 1

The most common data recovery scenario is Operating System failure, in which case your local PC PAL engineer can copy all required data files to another disk.


Scenario 2

Another scenario involves disc-level failure, such as hard disc failure, where the file system can be repaired in order to salvage whatever data can be read.


Scenario 3

The last scenario is where files appear to have been 'deleted'. The contents of deleted files are not usually removed immediately from the drive, instead references to them in the directory have been removed and the space they occupied is made available for overwriting.


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