• 12405th October 2018New Maps Shows Google’s Heading In Right DirectionNew Maps Shows Google’s Heading In Right Direction  Google continues to enhance the capabilities of Google Maps for helping us to get around. A new version with two major enhancements was announced on Monday and is now being rolled out to users. The first is designed to h... Read More
  • 101221st September 2018Pie Is The Recipe For Mobile To Learn Our WaysPie Is The Recipe For Mobile To Learn Our Ways  There is a new version of Google’s smartphone software, Android, on the streets and it has Artificial Intelligence (AI) on board. Android Pie is shipping on Google’s own brand Pixel phones and available as an upgrade on so... Read More
  • 164127th July 2018Massive Fine For Google Doesn’t Make Any SenseMassive Fine For Google Doesn’t Make Any Sense I really do not understand the whopping £3.8 billion fine the European Commission has just slapped on Google, for anti-competitive behaviour. The Commission has determined that by requiring manufacturers of Android devices to... Read More
  • 102618th May 2018Healthier Gizmo Deployment May Spark ObsessionHealthier Gizmo Deployment May Spark Obsession  A sudden interest in our health and wellbeing emerged as a key theme of last week’s Google developer conference and caused a mixed reaction. The annual bash for partner organisation boffins was used to announce a new Google ... Read More
  • 11254th May 2018Early Adopters Like New GmailEarly Adopters Like New Gmail  Google has released a new look for its web browser version of Gmail and early adopters are impressed. It will not appear automatically, at least for the time being, so users will need to switch to it. This can be done by opening the Inbox, goi... Read More
  • 163317th February 2017Google Find A Way To Improve MapsGoogle Find A Way To Improve Maps Fans of Google Maps are likely to appreciate some new features that have been recently added to make it better still. It boils down to being able to save and share locations, something that some users have been seeking for some time. Previou... Read More
  • 147223rd November 2016Google Launch A New Drivers App In Wake Of JailingGoogle Launch A New Drivers App In Wake Of Jailing Did Google steal a march on Apple last week, in the slipstream of a tragic accident which highlighted again the issue of drivers using phones on the move? The jailing for ten years of lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, who killed a... Read More
  • 15577th October 2016Google’s Allo Has Sparked ConcernGoogle’s Allo Has Sparked Concern ‘Allo’ allo, has an ominously threatening product been unleashed upon an unsuspecting community of Google users? There have been many good films and TV dramas in which a lead character looks charming and benign at first but slowly deve... Read More
  • 14306th September 2016Video Calls Are The New Battleground For Major PlayersVideo Calls Are The New Battleground For Major Players  Just four days after its release, the new Google Duo App astounded Net watchers by overtaking the fairly recent releases, Pokemon Go and Facetime Messenger, to top the ‘Free Downloads for Android’ chart. This new v... Read More
  • 18993rd August 2015How We Can Help Each Other To Dodge The JamsHow We Can Help Each Other To Dodge The Jams Having done more trekking around the country than usual this year so far, I have been impressed by how much more effective the traffic functions in Google Maps have become. They have helped me to confidently dodge some serious jam... Read More

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