Not booting in Windows

Booting in Windows Problems

A few ideas below should give you some reasons why your computer may not be booting up:

1). The hard drive is gone bad
If you are getting an error stating  "No boot disk", it's possible that the hard drive is gone bad or there is a corruption in the OS.

2). Faulty internal component
Your power supply may not be supplying enough power for your PC to fully boot up. Often parts do not last beyond 4 or 5 years, or a power surge could have blown the component. It could even be the motherboard, but that is very much worse case senario and relatively rare. the internal parts can be very dangerous so please do not open the case unless you have had specific training.

3). Dust clogging up the vents
Your computer can possibly be overheated, causing the computer to turn off every time it turns on. Clear dust from the air vents and the surrounding area.

4) It could be the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD),
This could be fault with one of the internal components, often the memory, hard disk or motherboard. If this BSOD is afteryou past the Windows Logo, it's often likely you have an infection on your PC although it canm sometimes still relate to faulty memory. Try booting in Safe Mode and see this the computer behaves normally. It could be also caused by an update from Miscrosft or the Antivirus program, which can sometimes be tricky to resolve without professional help.

5) Unplug everything and reattach
Sometimes a loose cable or plug can be to blames. It's also been known that by simply unplugging all the power cable and cables and waiting 5 minutes befre resinserting them can resolve the pobelm. Also, remember, if in any double, seek professional and qualified help.

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